Showcasing My new branding project: Nebulous Taproom


Hi, Im Lionel,


As a Portland resident with 20+ years of visionary experience in graphic design, I have been developing and expanding my creative skills to produce fresh and innovative content using everything from software like the Adobe Creative Suite, to rudimentary hands-on tools like aerosol paint.


With any dynamic design process, I will assess rough concepts, understand the fundamental goals of the project, build upon and actualize a joint vision to produce a successful outcome with my client.


I love to cultivate my style with a balanced collection of spontaneity and poise. I combine all approaches, inspirations, and techniques unique to previous campaigns I’ve collaboratively executed, while simultaneously applying new methodic approaches. 


Simple or complex, I appreciate and welcome all challenges. 

I am always seeking new projects and open to new clients, with individuals or with integrated teams.  

If you have a project and feel that my skills fit your needs, please contact me today for a consultation.


Let’s connect!



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