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About me


As a Portland resident with 15+ years of experience in graphic design, I have been developing and expanding my creative skill to produce fresh and innovative content and assets using many tools and mediums, from the industry-standard of Adobe CC, to rudimentary hands-on tools like aerosol paint, and letrapress type. I will assess rough concepts, research & understand the fundamental goals of my client's projects, and build upon and materialize the vision of my client's and myself to produce the ideal solutions. Whether a project is simple or complex; I welcome all new challenges, and look forward to growing and learning more, Contact me today for collaboration and bids alike. 



Lane Community College, Graphic Design. 

Eugene, Oregon. 


Sunyata Studios

No Pity Originals

NorthWest Tech Experts


442 Soccer Pub

American Outlaws: Eugene

NorAm Capital Holdings 

Alternative Work Concepts

Apex Unlimited Apparel

Bee'z Teaz

Biotaxi LLC

Black Rose Coffee Roasters

Black Sheep Brass Ban

Buffalo Bee

Cannabis Communion

Color Codes 

Dalbey's Delicatessen

Elevate Landscape Design

Elevated Essentials

EZ Mode Interactive

Fresh Press NorthWest

From The Ground Up Gems

Goldfinch Mediation

Futa Kashmir

Future Beet

Ira Bartlett 

Joga Collective

Kaprikorn Cannibus Nursery

Lane United Community Trust

Nebulous Taproom
No Pity Originals

North West Tech Expert

Oregon's Finest

Premium Efficiency

Plus One Construction

Rose City Stitching

ShwarTown Events

Top Flight Roasters

Vacasa Vacation Rentals

Vonda Sargent Law

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